Listen to ‘Waiting Drop’, latest Fideles & Fabio Neural EP

Latest Ovum release comes from Fideles & Fabio Neural. ‘Waiting Drop’ is an melodic techno three-tracker.

‘Waiting Drop’ is an exercise in pure cosmic theatre. Tapping into some of synth music’s most classical tones and ideas, it’s majestic, evocative and cathedral-like in its nature. Let yourself rise and rise and rise until you feel there’s nowhere left to rise… Then rise some more. A gamechanger that will work across the entire tech spectrum when played at the right time, this is a modern classic.

‘My Work’ builds on the same gradual dynamic but with a deeper twist. A verified creeper, the key elements – the twinkling, dreamy arpeggio, the warm molten sub – stealthily move from the background to the foreground, enveloping you unaware. Rising and morphing as the track thrusts forward, you can visibly see the mood lifting as it progresses.

Finally we hit ‘No Rules’ where the bassline takes the lead. Shifting between the kicks with the right amount of funk, the groove steals your attention enough for you not to realise a synth line has scorched out of nowhere. Once again we play the rising game but here the drums play a crafty role in the drama too.

Each cut charged with power, soul and character to keep our engines running well into a brave new year, the future sounds safe in Fideles and Fabio Neural hands.

Listen previews below and buy EP on Beatport.