Lilly Palmer Is The First Techno Artist To Launch an NFT on Hypery


Techno DJ Lilly Palmer is the first artist on the platform Hypery to launch an NFT (non-fungible token) through their system, as electronic groove reports.

Hypery is a blockchain music streaming service that is all about giving artists control of their music. They also offer NFTs within the ecosystem of the platform. It is a new transparent music service backed by blockchain, with music streaming and NFT release platform for independent artists, labels, and their fans.

Palmer announced her first NFT drop in collaboration with Hypery. Speaking on the collaboration and her NFT drop, she said, ‘I got on board with Hypery several months ago in full belief that what the platform offers is both empowering and transformative for artists. I feel the same way about the exciting new approach that NFT provides artists and fans. I’m excited by the limitless potential NFTs provide both creators and fans. Looking forward to making my first tokenized imprint on the blockchain.’

You can bid on Lilly Palmer’s NFTs here.


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