Lee Bryan released ‘The Indifference’ EP

Minimal and Dark Tech rising star, British producer Lee Bryan has been a long term House music fan, but last year with ‘Deep In To The Darkness’ transition to new sound started.

One of his most noticeable achieves include a release with Dephunk reaching 12th in Beatport’s top 100 Minimal releases but his new EP is even more promising.

EP ‘The Indifference’ was released on May 22nd on TwistedVintage Records and it immediatelly hit Beatport’s top 100.

‘Indifference’ and ‘Jealous’ are two originals every minimal fan will like, and you can grab your copy here.

Also, his forthcoming release ‘Sexy Sax’ under Him&I alias, featuring no 1 chart topper Rui Da Silva is out exclusively on Beatport, so check it here.