Leamington club where teen died was “dangerously oversold” and “refusing to give out tap water”

An investigation by Pill Report has revealed the dangerous conditions inside the Leamington Assembly venue where a 19-year-old man died after reportedly taking a Red Bull ecstasy pill and a 22-year-old woman was taken ill and hospitalised in intensive care.

Pill Report has released its findings on Instagram, announcing that after it posted a pill warning the page was inundated with reports of the venue’s dangerous mismanagement of the DnB Allstars event, which took place on January 31.

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Pill Report Investigation: The video we have obtained above sums up the venues actions on the night. The bartender was forced to act in this way by management. We have now concluded over 40 hours of investigative work into the event: cross referencing over 60 accounts from attendees, friends of the deceased, staff and promotors who have used or been involved with the venue previously – some of these accounts were so disturbing we have chosen not to publish them. This behaviour is not new from the venue which routinely denies tap water which is a legal requirement and capitalises on drum and bass events by increasing water prices. The fire alarms went off during the event, which when questioned staff claimed was “because of the heat”, our investigations revealed for heat alarms to go off, the temperature has to reach levels above 57 degrees celsius – levels that often lead to mass bodily dehydration. Furthermore, Tap water was not adequately provided, with the intention of driving up £5 bottled water sales which sold out at around 2am. As a combination of gross negligence on the venues behalf and the factors above, the conditions created were subsequently deadly and which we believe contributed to the tragic loss of a young persons. We would like to stress the role of the promotor and that of the venue are very different, the promotor provides the music and acts. It is the responsibility of the venue to provide a duty of care to the customer and ensure the venue does not exceed capacity by monitoring entry levels at the door. The information we obtained is now in the hands of the press and we hope there will be an inquiry into the venues actions. We cannot let behaviour like this slide.

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One of the recurring problems that people reported was that bottles of water were being sold for £5 each and had sold out before the end of the night. Water from the tap was also not available for free during the latter stages of the evening, with Pill Report also releasing footage of a bar staff member responding dismissively to an attendee telling them not giving out water is illegal and endangering the people inside the venue.