Do you know how long drugs stay in your system?

There is a lot of different oppinion regarding the time the drug stays into our systems.

Bobby Wiggins, Drug Prevention Specialist gave an answer to narconon.

Most drugs are what are call fat soluble substances. In other words, they mix with fat.

If you took, let’s say frozen orange juice and mixed it with water, you stirred it enough, it would go into a mixture. That’s because that orange juice is a water soluble substance.

Most drugs, let’s take THC, tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana. THC is a very, very, very fat soluble substance as is LSD, heroin, many, many other drugs.

If you tried to dump that substance in water, you could stir until your hand fell off, and it will never ever mix. It always separates or floats to the surface of the water.

So this is what happens when a person ingest the drug. No matter how it taken. If it’s smoked, if it’s injected, if it’s swallowed in a pill form, it doesn’t matter. It always ends up in the person blood stream.

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So watch what happens. There’s the person’s blood stream. Here’s the fat tissue, which is butted right up against the person’s blood stream. And here comes the drug. As the drug moves through the person’s blood stream, because the fat tissue is so close, that fat tends to draw that drug into it almost like a magnet. Little tiny drug residues. Little dark bits and pieces of that drug just start lodging or sticking more and more and more in the fatty tissue of the body until after a while, honestly, this guys kind of like a walking drug store. He’s got all these drugs that are stuck inside his body.

The nutrients are burnt up. When this is circulating in a person’s body, he has almost a continual destruction of nutrients in his body. So he has to eat better, he has to try to take vitamins, anything to keep his health up. So how long a drug stays into our systems, even after its effects are gone, mostly depend of a person’s eating habitats, exercise and healthy lifestyle.