Kitty Flipping, Nexus Flipping And Dangerous Drug Mixes You Need To Know

Outside of medical research facilities, many people take drugs are essentially doing their own independent field research. Some people use the chemicals strictly as medicine, they follow a microdose regimen for the specified substance, and do not even feel the effects of it. Other people take it for reasons involving consciousness expansion or to get a taste of another dimension, and of course, some people just like to get high.

Somewhere along the chemically induced travels, a certain percentage of travelers turn into “Psychonauts”, which are individuals that explore altered states of consciousness, unique states of mind, and possibilities outside the mind altogether.

Though the ideas and concepts behind it all are still new to many people, old school psychonauts have been portal hopping for many years, and despite the warnings of the medical professionals, they do mix chemicals, and they even have named the various mixtures with nicknames.

While each chemical combination has its own set of risks people need to be aware of and researched prior to attempting, the most popular combinations in the world of Psychonauts is “Kitty Flipping” which is a mixture of ketamine and MDMA, “Nexus Flipping” is MDMA and the psychedelic 2C-B, “Candy Flipping”, the most widely known, and it is a mixture of LSD and MDMA, “Hippie Flipping” is when one mixes psilocybin mushrooms with MDMA, while the heroic “Jedi Flipping” is a mixture of LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and MDMA.

People need to be very careful when mixing some chemicals, especially when mixing alcohol is involved. A good time can end up to a trip to the emergency room for people that throw caution into the wind regarding mixing things.

Via: Rave jungle