Kevin Saunderson Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The Detroit techno originator Kevin Saunderson tested positive for COVID-19.

Yesterday he shared a new video update about his health, saying; “I feel fine and I’m just going to stay within my home, my bedroom, and keep relaxing. Drinking plenty of fluids, putting vitamins in my body, eating healthy.”

Check his video message below.

So I didn’t expect the results I had, but I have tested positive for Coronavirus. I feel fine, I am going to stay safe, at home, on my vitamins, eating well and resting lots.To be honest I never expected to have to do a video like this, but look at me, my goodness!Thank you for all your kind words, your positivity and energy has definitely made me feel better.Peace and love to all, stay strong

Gepostet von Kevin Saunderson am Mittwoch, 8. April 2020

He added: “Just wanted everybody to know I’m doing fine and well, and I’m looking forward to getting back to business as normal as can be under the circumstances, spending time with my family and working on music once again.

“Be safe to everyone out there. Do take it seriously, wash your hands, cleanse everything around you.”