Keith Flint’s personal possessions to be sold at auction

The Prodigy’s late frontman Keith Flint’s personal possessions will go on sale at a Cambridge auction on November 7 to settle the outstanding debts of his estate.

The rave icon was found dead at his Essex home aged 49, on March 4 this year. Hundreds of fans flocked to his funeral in Braintree, Essex, later that month.

Along with the rest of the award-winning Prodigy crew, Keith found fame in the 90s by presenting a revolutionary take on electronic dance music; fusing punk rock and rave culture with massive hits such as ‘Firestarter’.

His belongings will be divided in to 170 lots, available to purchase directly from the auctioneers at Cheffins, Cambridge on November 7 at 6pm.

The sale features music awards acknowledging the Prodigy’s worldwide success, a collection of music recordings, studio reels and artwork from solo side projects Flint and Clever Brains Fryin’, and the cone septum nose piercing that became a memorable part of his image.