Kata – Hidden talent from the Rave capital Tbilisi

Over the past few years Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is considered as one of the top rave destinations in the world because of the certain freedom that is lacking in Western Europe. Tbilisi has one of the most vibrant and dynamic techno scenes while venue like Bassiani and Spacehall have become centers of modern electronic sound. Scene in Tbilisi is yet to grow, and while the city is attracting more and more foreign DJs, few significant names emerged on the scene, such as Cobert, Gio Shengelia and Zurkin.

One of the names significant to the scene is Guga Kalandadze aka Kata. This DJ was born in Tbilisi in 1991, during civil war and was raised in harshest circumstances possible, with hunger and war all over the country. His way of expression was art and Kata’s first connection with music started in early university years in national university of theater and drama. The artist started DJing one year ago, as a way of uncovering himself and telling his story with his sets.

During this year Kata played in many clubs and venues in Tbilisi where his talent was immediately recognizes. Kata recently desired to play techno, and the set you are hearing below is the latest work were he put his state of mind and emotions and transformed them into one hour long musical journey.