Johannes Heil to release new album ‘Gospel’

Founded in 2014 by Andre Kronert, Odd Even records, strong of twelve EPs with some of today’s most talked about artists, is about to release its first full-length album by one of the true pioneers of the German techno scene, Johannes Heil.

‘Gospel’, Johannes’ 11th studio album will be released on October 3rd as 4×12″ gatefold vinyl and will come with 2xCD version inside.

Salvation is found by identifying thesis and antithesis of a logically conceived duality as a receptive polarity which is then synthesised and expressed on a higher level. Thereby practising what is preached is the all-embracing love in the presence of the creator. The purest original state pre-dating the judgemental so called ‘fall of man’ in unity with life itself is the principle of holiness and the root of inner peace. Glory to G-d! – Johannes

Release date is October 3rd 2017.

A1 – Gospel One
A2 – Gospel Two
B1 – Gospel Three
B2 – Gospel Four
C1 – Gospel Five
C2 – Gospel Six
D1 – Gospel Seven
D2 – Gospel Eight
E1 – Gospel Nine
E2 – Gospel Ten
F1 – Gospel Eleven (with Markus Suckut)
F2 – Gospel Twelve (with Markus Suckut)
G1 – Gospel Thirteen
H1 – Gospel Fourteen
H2 – Gospel Fifteen

Artwork: Markus Suckut
Cover paint: Rebecca Reja