Jeff Mills final radio show – The Outer Limits: Time Travel

Find a safe place, close your eyes and open your mind – you are now entering the outer limits.

This Tuesday 29th January, Jeff Mills will be releasing the final radio show in his ongoing The Outer Limits series on NTS Radio. The final episode is titled ‘Time Travel’, and will be broadcast from 3-4pm GMT, exactly one year after airing the first episode of The Outer Limits.

Enter here.

Over the past twelve months, Jeff’s free-form radio programme has traversed topics as diverse as surrealist art, black holes, speculative future manned missions to the moon and the anthropological significance of the sun.

Eclipsing all of this, Jeff’s final episode will take listeners on an abstract journey through the universe, with a vivid picture painted by original compositions, produced specifically for this show.

Travel from the inception of the universe with the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, to the formation of our own solar system and the infancy of Earth, all the way through to the end of time itself. You will be lost in the spiral of nature. Not here, neither there. Jeff Mills will continue to open up more questions than answers, perhaps it give us clues for how we might apply this level of “travel” in our future and evolution.