INSTYTUT FESTIVAL announces first artists!

After the warm reception of the first festival in the history of the Polish Instytut brand, the promoters announced the second edition of the Instytut Festival Music & Art. On 21 and 22 June 2019 in the Modlin Garrison we will meet again, this time on five stages in a completely new, unique scenery. The exquisite aesthetic experience will be taken care of by over forty of the best visual artists arranging the historical space of the nineteenth-century Garrison, creating a peculiar, eclectic art gallery and surprising installations.

When creating such a large event during each edition, you must meet the increasing expectations of fans and reach to all electronic music lovers. This year, the Instytut focuses on even greater musical and visual diversity. Thus, we present the first artists who will fill the music space on the second day of the festival:

Aetha (PL)

Aksamit (PL)

Ancient Methods (DE)

Andy Stott live (UK)

Arkady (PL)

Ben Klock

Ciacho (PL)

Dasha Rush live (RU)

Donato Dozzy (IT) – first time in Poland


Gunnar Haslam (US)


Kangding Ray live (DE)

Marco Shuttle (IT)

Olivia (PL)

Richie Hawtin (CA)

Rraph (PL)

Stephanie Sykes (UK)

Tommy Four Seven  (UK)

This year’s line up is unique and confirms the mission of the Instytut as a promoter of the most interesting electronic sounds shown in the festival, but at the same time a homely atmosphere. In addition to the well-known fans of electronic music, artists such as iconic Ben Klock or Richie Hawtin, who has permanently entered the Instytut’s line up, the festival will feature exceptional artists who are just being discovered in Poland.

Among the most interesting personalities we can find Donato Dozzy, a genuine rarity of the club scene. The artist performs only 10 times a year therefore, his invitation to Poland for the first time with a solo performance and the opportunity to experience his set is an amazing treat for all connoisseurs of extraordinary sounds. His unique, hyponotic show will bring to the magical scenery of the Modlin Garrison, crowds of fans from around the world who want to take advantage of the opportunity to see him live.

The feminine element of this year’s line up is also significant, including Stephanie Sykes, a representative of the Georgian club scene, recently experiencing a stormy renaissance.

Last but not least, an artist worth special attention – Andy Stott. Incredibly rebellious artist appreciated all over the world and, after the festival, certainly also in Poland. How will his live sound in the authentic, historic scenery of the Garrison? We will see in June.

Garnizon Modlin (The Modlin Garrison) is unique on a global scale – the longest building in Europe and the second largest in the world. The spectacular fortress is located in the very heart of Poland, at the confluence of two rivers: the Vistula and the Narew, in the immediate vicinity of picturesque sandy beaches hidden among forests and the phenomenal ruins of a historic granary. The Modlin Fortress is also over 200 years of turbulent history. The Poles, the French, Russians and Germans fought for this pearl of Napoleon and Tsar Nicholas I. After years of peace, in June 2019 the Garrison will survive another siege, this time by the fans of electrifying sounds during the forthcoming INSTYTUT Festival.

INSTYTUT FESTIVAL is not just the next summer music festival. The Instytut wants to create a unique experience, a celebration of all electronic music lovers, a mosaic of personality and experiences. As the promoters say: “when organizing our events, we always focus on the energy that our audience brings with it and the unlimited love for music. During the festival, we intend to translate these values on a global scale. ”

However, this is not the end of announcements – as the organizers assure us that soon more artists will be revealed.