Ian Phere to release Aurum EP

If you are seeking something more refined of emerging techno then the sound of the mysterious USA talent is something worth hearing.

Ian Phere, upcoming producer based in Miami, is releasing his debut EP on Fervence Records and it has something for everyone’s ears. EP named ‘Aurum’ contains four originals in which we can see techno, minimal and tech colliding into one specific vibe along with catchy vocals. Ian Phere morphed synths and the beat in a way to gain strength and great energy, all constantly meandering in space making them perfect for dancefloors.

Aurum EP is techno disciples across the sub-genre fields. It starts of with ‘Harness Codem’, cathy tech track perfect for beach parties under Miami sun. ‘Complete Control’, as the tittle says it itself, takes control of the listener, as it bit harder track while next ‘Peculiar Substance’ is captivating with haunting elements and vocal cuts that order you to Jump! Last but not the least is ‘Caligo’, our favorite from the EP that could’ve easily been into the catalogues of renowned labels.

Aurum EP is Ian’s debut release and as such we can only say that we will keep an eye on this producer.

EP is out on August 28th exclusively on Beatport and you can preorder here.