Highly potent synthetic cannabinoids are being sold as MDMA

Synthetic cannabinoid Spice is reportedly being sold as MDMA in the Greater Manchester area. Some say Spice is the most dangerous drugs out there.

The Greater Manchester Drugs Early Warning System has released a statement after the incident in Oldham in which one man died and 11 people were rushed to hospital after they took what police said was “highly potent” MDMA.

Posted on Twitter by social psychologist Dr Russell Newcombe, the statement says the crystals have been tested and were found to be crystallised versions of two synthetic cannabinoids used in Spice.

According to the report of The Greater Manchester Drugs Early Warning System, a tiny amount of crystallised synthetic cannabinoids can make you seriously ill and the symptoms include extreme aggression, foaming of the mouth, manic behaviour, rigid muscles, fast pulse and shallow breathing.

Via: Mixmag