Hangover-Preventing Pills Everyone Is Trying Now

All ravers live for the weekend, but usually consequences some on Sunday/Monday morning.

Whether you had to much to drink or used some opiate, you know that the excitement and the boost they gave will be something you’ll need to pay for later.

Most people turn to drinking cold fruit juices, tea or coffee while some suggest coconut water as the best cure or painkillers such as ibuprofen (NOT opiates) to do the trick.

But what if there is something we can take before that will prevent hangover?

Solution is just around the corner, as many ravers are talking about activated charcoal pill as salvation.

Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals in its thousands of tiny pores, but it doesn’t absorb them, contrary to the popular sponge analogy. Instead, the toxins are bound to the surface of the charcoal and then safely carried out of your body. So it doesn’t absorb the alcohol or other substances —this pill will not prevent the effects,  but it helps carry the bad stuff out sooner.

From the experiences found online, people are taking up to six charcoal pills at a time. The directions, however, said to take two, so if you plan on trying, we advise you ask your doctor or local pharmacist before using.