GTA Online: After Hours, featuring Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna Is Now Released

GTA Online’s much-anticipated After Hours nightclub update is live on PC.

Featuring real-world performers The Black Madonna, Tale of Us, Solomun and Dixon, the update brings with it ten purchasable nightclub locations—available on Maze Bank Foreclosure.

Budding proprietors can fill venues with resident DJs, podium dancers, lighting rigs, and back of house staff. Likewise, players can invite up to 30 other clubbers inside for a boogie or a bust up. Entry fees can be set between free and $100. Be warned: bouncers will eject those who sneak in without paying.

I’ve yet to jump in myself (expect more words on After Hours later this week), but Rockstar Intel provides this handy breakdown of club prices. The cheapest, located on Elysian Island, comes in at $1,080,000. The most expensive, the West Vinewood Nightclub, costs $1,700,000. Changing your club’s name, decor, staff, and security detail among other possible tweaks costs extra—which Twitter person Nuro reckons maxes out at $5,072,400.