Girl Went Missing At Music Festival For 3 Years Found Dead

Institute for court medicine at the medical center in Zagreb, capital of Croatia, finished analyzing recently found human remains near Ogulina. As it was confirmed, remains belong to French girl that went missing at electronic music festival more than three years ago.

Anne-Cécile Pinel, born on 1991 in Lyon, France, was attending Momento Demento festival near place named Slunj. Event was held on July 2014, when she went missing. Anne-Cécile was attending the festival with friends, after which she went to the walk in the nature near camp area, and didn’t come back. For some writing of local media, she took LSD, but that was not confirmed.

On January 7th, 2018 group of hunters found her remains. Police states that further forensic analysis will discover the cause of her death.