Girl died after taking ‘Super-Strength’ Ecstasy pill

According to official reports, 17-year old Liverpool resident Faye Allen, was at a rave called “Don’t Let Your Daddy Know” in Manchester when she took one single ecstasy tablet that would eventually take her life, as Rave Jungle reports.

The young woman presumably used a fake ID to enter into the packed 3,500 capacity warehouse on a bank holiday. She was given the ecstasy by her nineteen-year-old boyfriend, Conner Aden, while attending her first rave. The tablet was a super loaded pill and it was the equivalent of a deadly poison, the young woman started showing signs of trouble shortly after ingesting the pill.

The inquest revealed that despite Allen going into “spasm”, and where her jugular vein was visibly beating through her neck to the naked eye, it took the event staff and first responders up to three hours before anybody actually called an ambulance. Only one of the first responders that were on site and provided by the private firm North East Rescue to attend to the young woman was a qualified paramedic, the others were just young, inexperienced individuals with minor qualifications.  The inquiry heard that she was violently shaking and visibly in danger, but that the acting “ambulance technician” Grant Holland, made remarks that she just appeared drunk, and without more observations was not comfortable calling an actual ambulance to the scene. Girl died several hours later.