Girl died after taking ‘super ecstasy’ drug at first rave

During an inquest into Faye’s death at South Manchester Coroner’s Court, Stockport, it was heard death was “almost inevitable” due to the amount of ecstasy she had taken.

Carly Symes, the event’s contracted security manager, said there was a drug dog and other checks to prevent illegal substances from coming in.

“She wasn’t able to move herself, I feel. If you are drunk, you are quite loose and Faye wasn’t that – I couldn’t put a finger on why.”

Faye was then taken to a medical cabin, before an ambulance was called, while a man with a head injury was seen to immediately by paramedics. When she was seen by ambulance technician Grant Howard, it was found that Faye’s heart rate was very high, had a dangerously low blood pressure reading of 50/30 and she had a temperature of 38.2C.