Giorgio Moroder: ‘I Make Good Club Music Because I Don’t Go To Clubs’

Legendary producer Giorgio Moroder sat down with The Guardian and spoke about clubbing culture, analog versus digital sounds, and his music.

When asked about the fact that people refer him as the grandfather of dance music, Moroder replies, “No, and I do not like being called the godfather of disco and electronic music either, It’s better than being called the grandfather, but I still don’t like it.”

Speaking about what’s probably one of the most famous dance songs,  Donna Summer dancefloor supernova ‘I Feel Love’, Moroder sais that track is not fit for dancing.

You can’t dance to ‘I Feel Love’,” claims Moroder. “It’s not very good to dance to.” He revealed that his productions ‘Call Me’ (Blondie) and ‘Hot Stuff’ (Donna Summer) are tracks that are better suited for the dancefloor.

“I don’t even like dancing, but my wife dances quite well a lot. Maybe that’s why I make good club music – because I don’t go to clubs!”, Giorgio revealed to the interviewer.

Moroder also mentioned late producer Avicii. “I knew Avicii, I play his songs, I worked with him in 2013 and he was on drugs then and kind of already… you know.” 

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