German DJ Uncovered Hitler’s Secret Crystal Meth Addiction


German writer Norman Ohler’s new book Blitzed reveals some startling lesser-known details about Hitler and Nazi Germany–Namely, that the whole Third Reich was fueled by methamphetamine and that everyone in Nazi Germany was spun out of their fucking minds for the entirety of the Second World War, states the article on Pulse Radio.

Untold story of the Third Reich’s relationship with drugs, including cocaine, heroin, morphine and, above all, methamphetamines (aka crystal meth) that Ohler wrote about is actually something he found out from his friend, Berlin-based DJ Alex Kraemer, who introduced the notion of secret Nazi drug culture being a historical footnote worthy of further digging.

”The story of Nazi meth begins with a Dr. Fritz Hauschild, who, inspired after trying out giving athletes amphetamine at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, synthesized his own methylamphetamine. Named Pervitin, it became a sensation in Germany, everyone from office workers to train drivers to soldiers were hooked on the stuff. They put it in chocolate! When the Nazis invaded France, Hitler put out a “stimulant decree,” and soldiers were required to take methamphetamine in pill form to keep them marching all night and frothing for battle. Meanwhile, back in Berlin, Hitler had become cozy with a Dr. Morell, whose daily injections rendered The Fuhrer a walking lightning rod of energy and ambition, basically your local babbling tweaker, just with a whole fucking army at his disposal”. Read the full article on Pulse.

Photo credit: Dailybeast


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