Georgian duo Greenbeam & Leon land on Wavereform with Abandoned Tales EP

“Reforming Digital Waves by Simple & Elegant Music Patterns” is the statement that materializes Wavereform releases. They seek to promote the most refined of emerging techno, having supported emotive beats of The Netherlands Qindek, the mysterious Russian talent – Ivanov, and Boyd Schidt with the stunning EP Structure.

Now, Boyd Schidt revisits partnership with his long time production companion (Achi Tabukashvili) to form the well established techno force, Greenbeam & Leon, with their EP – Abandoned Tales.

With a discography that spans 15 years (half the duos lifetime), the Georgian comboGreenbeam & Leon have substantial provenance in the electronic music scene. Having earned themselves the title “Best Musicians Of The Year – Electronauts” at the 2008 Electronic Music Awards, their hard graft has been reciprocated by the likes of Adam Beyer, Dubfire, PanPot and Richie Hawtin – with the pairs productions frequently featuring in their sets. Abandoned Tales is laced with mechanical timbres that feed in and out of the tectonic techno backbone; a prayer call to night crawlers seeking serendipity in techno’s dogmatic algorithm.

Tale VI is indicative of the production appreciated by techno disciples across the sub-genre fields. Its rattlesnake-percussion calls for stadium status whilst menacing highs paint a dark euphoria.

The liquidity of Tale VII is apparent through the persistent Lo-Fi bass. The augmented equalizer stirs imagery of aquatic explorations whilst swift samples propel the sound through mysterious waters.

The final tale (Tale VIIIproposes a transient dream state. Subtle use of samples and careful pitching digress a simplistic spectrum of sound to a spatially pragmatic production.

Abandoned Tales will be available via Wavereform on the 1st of September.