Former 1920s Film Studio To Became Schizophrenic Club

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Belgian-German artist Carsten Höller is transforming a former 1920s film studio into what he describes as a “schizophrenic” club.

According to Mixmag, the club will split into two with one space designed as a tropical outdoor garden and the other a subdued space in melancholy colours.

“I want guests to feel like they are the only element of color in the monochromatic side that has only greys, blacks and whites, as if a foreign element in a black and white movie – and to feel pale in the hyper-polychromatic other side, where the tropics hit a bit too hard”-Holler said.

Carsten Höller last split-club project was The Double Club in London that turned a Victorian warehouse into a blend of contemporary art and music.

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