Festival Contractor Caught With $85,000 Worth Drugs


A huge amount of drugs, including 260 grams of cocaine, has allegedly been found stashed in the car of two men travelling to work at Australia’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, which kicks off next week on Thursday.

Police arrested the men after allegedly finding drugs, cash, electronic scales and zip lock bags in his car. The Courier reports police allegedly seized 260 grams of cocaine, 86 times the trafficable quantity, valued about $85,000 AUD, 84 grams of cannabis, 15 grams of MDMA, 25 grams of amphetamine and amphetamine paste, one litre of GHB and four grams of hashish.

Cash totaling $12,453 AUD as well as $6200 in US dollars was also allegedly seized from the car, the paper reports.

One of the men told police he was contracted to work at next week’s festival and his firm, Psyclone Tents, was supplying equipment.
Rainbow Serpent organisers said in a statement: “the Rainbow team works incredibly hard to keep our patrons safe and to have a legitimate voice in the community around drug law reform and harm minimisation.

Via: Mixmag


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