Fedele drops the much anticipated remix of “Burn Like Fire” on his label Obscura

Fedele first discovered the original version of ‘Burn Like Fire’ on Xx Isis xX’s Facebook page. It’s a deeply personal, self-produced synth-pop track – which she had shared online to see how people would react. The song struck a chord with Fedele, inspiring him to ask her if he could remix and release it on his label Obscura. She agreed and he proceeded to give it his signature chugging electro treatment, turning it into a euphoric club weapon.

With its infectious rhythm and powerful sound design, this remix infuses the composition of pulsating energy, combining solid drums with a mesmerising array of bright and captivating synths. The original vocals, left intact, bring a fiery soul to the track, while the placed drum breaks add an edgy and suspenseful element.

Obscura is also expecting another set of exciting killer remixes of “Burn Like Fire” by Rez Dorsia and Öona Dahl, with Rez’s remix scheduled for release in early February 2024.