Fatal Helicopter Crash Kills 3 Ravers And Ends Backwoods Music Festival

It has been reported that a helicopter crash has taken place at the Backwoods Music Festival killing 3 people and injuring 1 – cutting the festival short early.

The Robinson R44 helicopter was carrying four passengers who were sightseeing and festival staff became panicked when the pilot didn’t show up well after his return time of 7 PM. While there was conflicting information initially, it was later reported and confirmed the helicopter was downed – though the reason is yet to be determined. The Tulsa Helicopter Tours were offered as festival attractions for attendees – but after the copter was discovered at 8 PM the festival was stopped and an announcement was made over the festival’s PA system,as EDMsouce reports.

“Today, our hearts rest with our three team members, friends, and family of ours, who passed yesterday,” stated the Backwoods team on a recent Facebook post. “We thank you for understanding that we were unable to run the stages with lights and lasers during the air rescue which ensued late into the night, or sound due to radio interference. Call your loved ones today, and please tell them you love them.”