Family Is Suing A Festival Over Death of 20 Year-Old Daughter

The San Luis Obispo County Coroner confirmed that a 20-year-old Baylee Ybarra Gatlin of Ventura who suffered a medical emergency while attending the Lightning in a Bottle music festival at Lake San Antonio died from overdosing on LSD last year, now her family is suing.

During last years festival, 20 year-old Baylee Gatlin became ill during the event and later was pronounced dead of “acute LSD toxicity.” The lawsuit suggests that the festival was unprepared and lacked qualified medical personnel on site. It is states that Gatlin wasn’t treated for hours after she became ill.

Maybe if she had received a proper medial care on time, this wouldnt be a tragedy.

“Her death could have been prevented, they could have had medical services for her, and they didn’t. And they could have had sensible people working in what was supposed to be the triage or medical and apparently they didn’t.”

Her original cause of death was determined “acute LSD toxicity” by Dr. Gary Walter, a coroner formerly working for local sheriff’s office. After further investigation, the cause was later ruled multi-organ failure showing hyperthermia and dehydration. These complications led to coagulopathy with LSD intoxication.

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