Eris Drew injured in car accident in Albania

The American DJ said she was “lucky” to come out with only minor injuries in the crash where one person died.
Eris Drew was involved in a serious car accident in Albania last weekend.

The American DJ was leaving a festival in Albania when the accident happened about half a mile from the airport, after another car lost control and hit the van carrying Drew. Several vehicles were involved in the accident, and one person died with others injured. Drew was treated for whiplash and concussion in Oslo, where she had her next gig booked, and has been cleared to travel back home to the US.

“I was freaked out yesterday. Honestly it is some of the most intense fear I have experienced,” Drew said in a Facebook statement. “Someone died in the accident (not my car). I am lucky. I am going to be fine… despite the impact and gas spurting everywhere. Being trans and injured far away from home is some really triggering stuff.”

Via: Resident Advisor