Epizode festival Vietnam announces Carl Cox, Marcel Dettmann, Guti, Nicole Moudaber and Mathew Johnson

Now it’s official! Epizode 2 will be welcoming the real heavyweights of the electronic scene. The leading roles in this winter blockbuster will be taken by phenomenal artists: the British DJ and producer Carl Cox, face of Berghain Marcel Dettmann, known as the artist of Desolat Label, Guti and DJ and producer Nicole Moudaber. What role will you play in this blockbuster? The answers are here: EPIZODE.com.

Successful films always have sequels, and Epizode is no exception. The permanent masterminds of Kazantip/Befooz and Sagrado Corp. are busy working on new scenes of the new blockbuster. The “Equatorial Musical Adventure” continues, and this time, the project involves the brightest names of the electronic scene. The set is unchanged: the second Epizode will take place in the same green and beautiful island of Phu Quoc in the Gulf of Thailand. Once again in December 2017, it will become the Territory of Happiness in all and every aspect, featuring Kazantip sunsets, surreal installations captured in thousand shots and, arguably, the world’s best music.

The lineup of the Epizode 2 is constantly growing and adding new names. Please welcome the next chapter of the cast to feature in the top blockbuster of the winter.

Carl Cox is known by numerous titles and honourable names. He’s been called a “veteran of acid house”, a “champion of techno”, and a “King of Ibiza”! He is apparently poised to get a new nickname “Tsar of Phu Quoc” shortly following his appearance at the Epizode 2. That’s almost beyond question, as Cox’s experience and excellence make him one of the top actors of the winter equatorial musical adventure.

Carl Cox is a living history of electronic music. As a 15-year-old, he fell in love with Chicago house and brought the sound to the then-emerging acid scene of London. Cox played at the very first and now legendary parties at Danny Rampling’s Shoom, he co-promoted The Project Party with Paul Oakenfold and starred at the Sunrise rave in 1988 gathering an audience of 15 thousand. His first release, ‘I Want You’, made it to the national British chart in 1991, and the mix ‘F.A.C.T.’ was sold in 250 thousand copies.

However, even this incredible commercial success would not drive him mad. Carl Cox has always been aware that he is into DJing for the sake of music itself, not for handsome earnings. After gaining his popularity, he remained committed to underground. Whether you tune in to his Global radio shows or dance to his sets in Ibiza, you surely get cutting edge, unorthodox dance music. Carl Cox is an undoubted idol for millions of clubbers everywhere from Ibiza and Miami to Sydney and Phu Quoc.

Head of the MDR label and resident of the famous Berghain, Marcel Dettmann is wholly responsible for what happens in today’s dancefloors. Considerably through their efforts, the modern generation of “men in black” was born. It was them who infected audiences with their love of Detroit sound and ultimately brought a complete makeover of the club scene. Back in 1999, Dettmann became a permanent resident at Ostgut – the Berlin club, which later successfully transformed into the now famous Berghain. Together with Ben Klock and Len Faki, he became the ambassador of the iconic club and thus the major prophet of “Berlin techno”. The sound was later brought to the MDR label founded by Dettmann and much through it won popularity around the globe.

Dubfire has had a varied profile over the 30 years of career. He had appeared as a real last action hero; he made up half of the Deep Dish duo winning a Grammy Award, the “Oscar” of the music world. He also appeared as an indie star: back in the 2000’s, Dibfire lived through a radical style transformation when he switched from commercial house to uncompromising techno. He also tried himself as a producer and director; leading the SCI+TEC Dubfire label, he brought up a new generation of techno stars.

Nic Fanciulli also counts a Grammy Award in his collection. He won it for his remarkable talent in creating remixes. His Skylark Project brand is behind a good dozen of dance versions of the world’s top hits, including the remixes of Tears For Fears, Kylie Minogue and Underworld. Intriguingly, Nic was also seen absolutely as a fixture of the techno underground scene. He made records with Dubfire and Joris Voorn, was friends with James Zabiela (do you remember their One+One project?) and Carl Cox. The latter nearly formally named Nic as his successor; Fanciulli became a resident of Cox’s parties at Space Ibiza.

Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix of Pan-Pot make ideal cast to star in a buddy movie. They are good friends and make a perfect duo both in the studio and on stage. They met by chance, actually, as college students, and decided to share a studio as a budget-conscious option. Their mutual experiments with sound eventually led to the launch of Pan-Pot and the release of the excellent disc Pan-O-Rama at the prominent mobilee label in 2007. The friends have since worked together. Taking turns at the sound board, they have triumphed exhausting dance marathons to excite the audience.

The versatile musician Matthew Johnson is capable of performing all the roles at once in our blockbuster. He is the driving force of three unusual musical bands, Cobblestone Jazz, The Modern Deep Left Quartet, andMidnight Operator. Matthew is brilliantly running his own label Wagon Repair while he also releases recordings at Arbutus, Kompakt and M_nus. His live appearances always come as impeccable performances attracting admiration from audiences and critical acclaim. Johnson’s appearance at the Voltt Loves Summer Festival made it to the 15th place of the Top 40 Live Acts 2016 by Resident Advisor portal.

Drawing up his own way” is the philosophy of Guti. He shoned in the world of Jazz at early age, he demonstrates to be a sensible & intense pianist, with his own language, playing in some of the biggest stadiums & winning gold records in South America in the last decade as a rock musician. In 2006, life take him to a new path: Techno music. Curious, ironic & creative, fusing electronic music with his jazz & latin roots, Guti quickly became one of the most eager & interesting producer of the Latino American house scene. He shown his amazing live set in the best clubs of the world performing as a Desolat Artist. Currently his music is also running on Supplement Facts, Crosstown Rebels and Wolf and Lamb. Artists like Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Stacey Pullen, Loco Dice, Luciano, Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli among other international artists are playing his full of soul songs all around the planet. Finally he will release his first album on Loco Dice & Martin Buttrich´s prestigious label Desolat on March 2011

DJ, producer and event promoter Nicole Moudaber has been bringing worlds together. She is a genuine citizen of the world. Nicole was born in Nigeria, grew up in Lebanon and lives in London now. She even worked her way to mix techno music and rock in recording the awesome EP ‘Breed’ together with Skin from Skunk Anansie. Label owners across the range count her among “their” artists; Carl Cox, her friend and teacher, has released Nicole’s tracks at Intec, Jamie Jones woos her to Hot Creations, and Adam Bayer, to Drumcode. And there is something to vie for: Moudaber’s tracks become “golden”, just as it happened with the remix ‘Give Me Luv’ which was recognized as the best techno track at the International Dance Music Awards. Meanwhile, Nicole now switched to release her most successful works at her own label, Mood Records. The label may become a real empire over time; its name has already been attached to a radio show and showcases. Mood has even arranged its own stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

That’s just the beginning and you have a chance to join in : epizode.com