Ecstasy Pill Collections – Biggest One Had More than 2400 Pills Before It Was Stolen

Ravers have a lot of hobbies, collection records, key chains, branded stickers, photos with their favorite DJs and… ecstasy pills?

Well, as much as we find out past few days, it’s a real deal. Looks like the most popular party drug finds its way into becoming something more valuable to users than just a crazy night boost.

Marked as second world’s most bizarre hobbies by That’s interesting portal back in 2015, it appears that more users are posting and removing photos of their collections on Reddit.

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Speaking of ‘great collections’ biggest one known was one of a Dutch man who spent two decades collecting Ecstasy pills of all colours and shapes as a hobby. He had more that 2400 pills before his collection was stolen back in 2009. Interesting thing about this is that he actually called the police to report a crime, and it was his luck given that the pills have disappeared police had no evidence to support a possession charge.

Street value of his collection at the time was estimated at €11,000.

So, any Ecstasy pill collectors out here?

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