Drunken Kong conquering Top 10 techno chart

Drunken Kong’s debut album on Tronic “The Signs Within” is officially available on Beatport. The duo from Tokyo have taken Europe by storm in the last few months with their powerful and energetic sets.

All 12 original tracks showcase Drunken Kong’s creative production skills. A labour of love and musical devotion, their album has derived from moments and memories most influential to their career over the past few years. The end result is a multi faceted album, with tracks to suit the dance floor as well as a down tempo after hours.

Their performance at Sonar OFF Week for the Tronic Showcase was one to remember. Playing out the closing set in the main room, hands in the air were prominent to the very last minute of their set. Much appraise has been received for the album already, with Drunken Kong gaining much reserved recognition for such an outstanding first album.

Now they are taking over Beatport Techno Charts!

Check for their latest album here.