Drug dealer mixes Rat Poison into MDMA

A new three-part BBC documentary series, Festival Drugs: Meet the Dealers, revealed some truly disturbing facts about the potential hazards of certain drugs that are surfacing through events.

Investigative Journalist and Presenter Livy Haydock met with a street dealer known as Jacket to discuss things surrounding the underworld of the dope game. While visiting she learned that Jacket personally and intentionally makes batches of drugs mixed with MDMA, rat poison, and the stimulant Meow Meow to sell at festivals to unknowing buyers.

The concoction is mixed in a saucepan, and several thousand dollars worth of the drug are created in the process; meaning it is and has been on the streets for quite some time. The drug is referred to as Pow, and Jacket allowed BBC to film his process.

When Haydock asked Jacket why he would make a product that contained poison he stated that “it gives them a little buzz and gets them hyperactive”, “it makes it potent, and I don’t worry about these things-people are just trying to make ends meet”.