DJ Deep & Traumer remix Klauss & Craig on Planet E

For their final release of 2018, Planet E present DJ Deep & Traumer’s remixes of Klauss & Craig, the collaboration between Argentinian synth ensemble Klauss and Carl Craig, which debuted with the ‘Momentum’ EP earlier in the year.

Out November 30th, the three-track remix EP’s origins were as a pair of spec mixes by DJ Deep (Cyril Etienne) and his regular collaborator Roman Poncet aka Traumer. The duo found inspiration from the original Klauss & Craig EP that led to spontaneous experiments on their own remixes.

Soon a trio of versions emerged, with two by the duo together, and an additional solo mix by Poncet under his Traumer alias. Etienne sent their work to Craig, who immediately decided to give them their own release on Planet E, in turn helping Etienne achieve one of his own dreams to release on the legendary Detroit label.

Weaving intricate percussive themes with analogue melodies they deliver two takes on ‘Repeat After Me’ – ‘Free Your Mind’ and ‘Free Your Soul’ – before Traumer, inspired by the process, goes on his own for the final track ‘Repeat After Me – Reduced Mind’, creating undulating bass loops which glide under warm pads.,

Release date is november 30th.


01. Repeat After Me (DJ Deep & Traumer – Free Your Mind)
02. Repeat After Me (DJ Deep & Traumer – Free Your Soul)
03. Repeat After Me (Traumer – Reduced Mind)