DJ ASSCAR delivers new EP


DJ ASSCAR proudly delivers an EP of songs compiled as an uplifting escape from a dark era in her life. Sometimes music can be the greatest therapy, one of the most self-affirming escapes out of whatever situation you find yourself in.

DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU sits at the start of this record and really gets things going, with robust, garage-edge beats and bass that are guaranteed to get you moving.

Overall, the record effectively blends a rougher House style with a distinct bass-driven vibe that draws you in. It’s catchy where it needs to be, sometimes with a little sass and humour, but always focused on the dance floor.

This fresh package drops July 29th, and it’s not one to sleep on. Grab it here.

“Sassy, silly, unassuming house music with serious beats”, said DJ ASSCAR.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, DJ ASSCAR currently resides in Berlin where she has been living since 2015. With Moroccan roots she finds both influence and inspiration from her diverse cultural background past experiences. Always an avid music lover, it was when she first stepped onto the underground scene in Sweden in the early 2010’s that she truly found her passion for electronic music.

A passion which later inspired her move to Berlin where she has since been soaking in the sounds and scene of the city and diving into music production. Listening to her catchy and dance-worthy tunes, you can expect to sing along to her often satirical lyrics where she tends to describe her unfortunate past experiences in fun, upbeat and catchy songs. Follow the artist HERE.