DEMENT3D announces Voiski EP, Marble Sadness, with Underworld cover

The four-track record is out in mid-February, before the label issues a new Ligovskoï EP in March.

Marble Sadness is the first solo release on DEMENT3D for the recent RA Sessions guest. His EP, which leads off with a cover of Underworld’s “Tin There,” has some roots in a few specific memories. One is playing the futuristic racing game Wipeout 2097, the soundtrack for which features an edit of “Tin There,” as a kid in the ’90s. Two more come from Voiski’s time as an art student: his contemplating the aesthetics of another video game, Marble Madness, and a three-month project engraving a geometric 3D design onto a slab of black marble. (We’re advised to “ask him if you want to find out about sixteenth century Florentine marquetry.”)

In a fortuitous moment, that marble sculpture fell from a wall and shattered during a meeting to plan out this release. Distorted photos of the pieces make up its cover art, as designed by Matthieu Cannavo.

Then in March, DEMENT3D are linking up again with ambient duo Ligovskoï to release Mana, which comprises one 12-inch for original tracks and a second for remixes. Peder Mannerfelt, Abdulla Rashim, core DEMENT3D affiliate Polar Inertia and co-founder HBT (Heartbeat) step up with reworks this time.