Death of a girl who swallowed ‘MDMA Bomb’ ecstasy was ‘accidental’

A 20-year-old woman who took the illegal drug ecstasy at a music festival died accidentally, as BBC reports.

Amy Vigus, of Colchester, died of lack of oxygen to the brain due to MDMA toxicity, the coroner’s court heard.

She had been at the Elrow festival at London’s Olympic Park on Saturday, 19 August. She felt unwell and managed to get the train back to north Essex with friends, but collapsed and died in hospital.

The inquest in Chelmsford heard she arrived in Stratford with three friends and bought what she believed was a “MDMA bomb” from a man.
She was given a vitamin C tablet and water at the festival’s medical tent and continued to enjoy the event. After leaving the event went to bed, but she was found unresponsive on Sunday morning and taken to Colchester General Hospital, where she died the next day.

No-one had been arrested for selling the drug and although the investigation was not closed, neither they nor the Metropolitan Police had any leads at present.

The inquest heard Amy Vigus’s family describe her as able to “light up any room she walked into”