Dax J Receives Death Threats From Muslim Community

Dax J reportedly played a track that sampled a part islamic prayer at Orbit festival in Tunisia which started on the 31st of March. He is now facing backlash from the muslim community in Tunisia that have been offended and has even received death threats.

Press Release: “After the recent controversy caused by the passage of a remix of a call to prayer by Dax J during the day1 of the orbit festival, the team wishes to specify:- all the contracts of Djs who come in Tunisia or elsewhere stipulate that the organization should in no way interfere with the music that the DJ’s play.- the team was just as surprised as the public and reacted after they realized. We reacted and dax j tried to quickly move on to another track.- the team disclaims any responsibility for the incident, but wishes to apologize even when this happened.- the DJ “Dax J” is English and played this title recently in Europe also without realising that this could offend the public of a Muslim country like ours.- Dax J apologizes if the music he spent to offend could shock the audience and the tunisian people, it was in no way his intention.”

You can find the comments of people that were offended here.

Source: technomotz