Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil Records returns with ‘Secret Weapons Part 2’ EP

The latest compilation from Dutch imprint Wolfskuil Records offers up three more ‘Secret Weapons’ continuing the series with four artists already well at home on the label. As the title suggests, each track is a heavy-hitter, but as a whole this release acts as a showcase exposing three very different approaches to peak-time techno.

Doka marks his return on Wolfskuil Records with ‘Inure’ starting things off with a pummeling introduction full of wavering energy, tense murky depths, and a startling synthline. A much rougher, more distorted cut appears on the flip-side with Cadans & Kracht ‘Lompret’ summoning up warehouse memories with its echoing rough percussive hits that clamour for attention over an overdriven, crunchy backdrop.
The final track by Tim Wollf ‘Overt Agent’ builds up from dense, groove-ridden beginnings into a climactic crowd pleaser, with a progressive surge of energy fed alongside a Detroit-inspired arrangement.

A1 / 1. Doka – Inure
B1 / 2. Cadans & Kracht – Lompret
B2 / 3. Tim Wolff – Overt Agent