Daniele Di Martino and Solvane join forces for ‘Back To’

Berliners Daniele Di Martino and Solvane join forces at the intersection of Deep and Tech, serving up three weighty cuts of four-to-the-floor heat in their “title” EP.

“Back to” plunges in with a gradually ascending staccato of vibrant synths, laying down the groove bar by bar. In contrast with the light emitting synth array comes a low key bassline, making for a down to earth yet dreamy overall ambiance. Silenced echoes last for a few moments until ‘Reality’ kicks in with subdued groovy bass and faint vocal chops. The two producers aptly use slow paced build ups, creating ever-ascending yet constantly grounded melodies. Stil vor Talent kick-starter Marc Holstege on remix duties delivers a smooth rework of Reality. A resounding synth lead carves out subtle rhythm variations while metallic percussion adds to the gravity of the piece.

“Kraxler” touches a different strain of their production spectrum, revealing a composition that is equally introspective as it is dance-inducing. With a minimalist backbone and arpeggiated string arrangements, it suitably rounds off the EP with a mesmerising melody dotted with punchy accents, fit to stir up any dancefloor.

Light My Fire will release ‘Back To’ EP on May 26th.