Cuartero launches limited vinyl series on own new label: CUARTERO CONCEPT

Established techno tastemaker Cuartero is to kick off his own brand new label, CUARTERO CONCEPT. It will be a vinyl-only affair that showcases the artist’s more underground side. Next to material from the Spanish DJ and producer, there will be choice remixes from key heavyweight techno names. The first release comes by him, with a remix from Cocodrils, and features two essential tracks due out on November.

Cuartero is one of his country’s hottest exports right now thanks to his infectious DJ and production style, essential tunes and enthralling sets. Releasing on Desolat, Hot Creations, VIVa Music, Moon Harbour and Knee Deep In Sound, he really knows how to cook up the sort of grooves that both DJs and dancers love. With this new project, though, he is showing his more considered side and is sure to imprint his underground sounds.

The excellent Enderezado is first and is a suspense-filled track which builds the tension before unleashing a driving drum line. Freaky sounds, loose synths and chopped up vocals are laid over the top and it makes for an infectious and silky groove that is brilliantly busy.

Cocodrils then remixes the track into a more peak time tune with rubbery drums, panning percussion and rattling snares. Corse claps, clever bass kills and a distant siren all add to the intensity and ensure this one will make a big impact on the floor.

This is a fine first releases and kicks off what is sure to be a great new label in real style.

CUARTERO – Enderezado
CUARTERO – Enderezado (Cocodrils remix)