Concrete Records set to release ‘Concrete Series Vol. 1’

Concrete Records is an Italian label based in Rome and has seen contributions from Voices From the Lake, Minilogue, Svreca, Tensal, Echologist aka Brendon Moeller and Cassegrain, and many more, with many releases gaining multiple represses.

The newest limited vinyl release kicks off with a track from Luigi Tozzi of Psyk’s Non Series and Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection.

Dino Sabatini is an artist who has released on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts, Adam X’s Sonic Groove and Prologue as well as collaborating with Edit Select.

Sub Accent is a diverse French producer who owns Accents Records and also can be found on Subsist, Bokhari and Noorden.

Giorgio Gigli of Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe and Planet Rhythm combine on the closing track with Lunatik from Wunderblock and Modular Expansion.

Luigi Tozzi’s “Ghost Lake” is an atmospheric trip of warm textures.

“Baubaus” by Dino Sabatini is a hypnotic, dub-fuelled journey.

Sub Accent’s “System Privacy” is an abstract, tribal creation.

Giorgio Gigli & Lunatik close out with “Concrete 1” with a stomping beat and buzzing modular accents.

Grab your copy via Juno or

01. Luigi Tozzi – Ghost Lake
02. Dino Sabatini – Baubaus
03. Sub Accent – System Privacy
04. Giorgio Gigli & Lunatik – Concrete 1