Clubs Are Getting Drug Itemisers At Doors To Discover Illegal Substances?

After discussions that clubs should have Drug Itemisers at the entrance where officers will discover who is bringing illegal drugs, looks like Lincolnshire Police have launched an operation.

They will test on this devices for evidence of illegal drug use at a Lincoln club.

The force’s alcohol licensing team and officers from the community beat team worked in partnership with Circle Nightclub on Silver Street to launch Operation Waiver.

The first in a series of drugs tests across the city was launched at the club on Saturday, December 2 between 9pm and 1am. Officers were at the entrances to the club with drugs itemiser machines. All customers had their hands swabbed and tested by the machine.

Operation Waiver will continue over the next few months at different venues around the city centre and potentially across the country.

Licensing Sergeant Kim Enderby said: “The machine reads the swabs and indicates if there has been any contact with illegal drugs.

“The machine is calibrated to test for a wide cross section of drugs widely in use including Cocaine, Ecstasy and Amphetamine. Those who tested positive were spoken to by the local officers and if the grounds were established, they would be searched under the misuse of drugs act.