Clubs and Festivals to Start Reopening from June

Things are getting back to normal, slowly but things are getting back on track.

Recent news is that clubs and festivals in England will be able to reopen from June 21.

In the roadmap announced today by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the government hopes to lift all legal limits on social contact by June 21, as Mixmag reports. The UK government also wants large events to be able to go ahead by this date.

This means that nightclubs could reopen and restrictions on music festivals could be lifted as long as coronavirus cases, deaths and hospital admissions continue to fall.

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This is is the news that is coming right after we found out that Ibiza will allow outdoor events. Read more about that HERE.

In fact, the Spanish island is planning to reopen bars and restaurants next month. However, only outdoor areas will be opened on March 2nd. The indoor areas will open on March 16th, if the establishment has a CO2 meter installed and COVID-19 cases continue to trend downward.

Those measures are part of the de-escalation plan of the Balearic government, published by the news outlet The Olive Press on February 18th. After months of lockdown in Ibiza, you would think businesses received this news with relief – but not that much.

Germany, The Netherlands, and Austria are also planning on getting festivals and clubs to re-open this summer. The Dutch government has announced that they aim to allow festivals after July 1,” the statement from Liquicity said. “In case of festivals still get canceled due to changing COVID circumstances, organizers are likely to be compensated for the costs.

Festivals in The Netherlands are currently selling out in record pace due to this new government announcement. Find out more about the cancellation fund of more than €300million HERE.