Clubber brutally attacked near Fabric London

Young man suffered terrible injuries near fabric club in London.

According to Metro, Callum Wade, age 22, was punched and kicked to the ground by four men, leaving him with fractures to the face and permanent damage in his eye.

He had been with two friends when his attackers launched the sustained assault. His friend, a man in his 20s, was also assaulted but not seriously injured. They called for help at the nearby Fabric and staff provided first aid and called a taxi which took him to hospital.

Detective Constable Mark Pinder, who is leading the investigation into the ‘brutal assault’, said: ‘This was a violent assault which appears to have been launched with no provocation and has left Callum with injuries that will affect him for the rest of his life‘.

Police are appealing for information from anyone who recognizes attackers photographed bellow.

Via: Metro