Check Electrochoc Tunes – Laurent Garnier Book Playlists

ELECTROCHOC, by pioneering French DJ Laurent Garnier is available in English for the first time–only at

ELECTROCHOC is a true insider account of the rise of the dance scene, from the early 1980s at London’s Mud Club and Manchester’s Hacienda, to Paris, Detroit, New York, Chicago and beyond. Both a fascinating history of the dance scene and an autobiography, ELECTROCHOC includes unique contributions from Detroit techno pioneers Jeff Mills and Mad Mike, as well as François Kervorkian, James Murphy, David Guetta and many others.

ELECTROCHOC takes the reader on a worldwide journey through the legendary clubs, seminal festivals and key moments of dance music history.

So here is a playlist of tunes included.

Some of Laurent’s quotes from the book:

As a DJ and someone who loves to dance, I have experienced moments of pure joy when I felt that I’d be happy to die there, in that moment.

If I close my eyes, my ears start to pound. There was one night in particular, one that stands out from all the rest. One night, and, above all, one record that changed everything.

The following day I found out that one of the gang members in charge of security at the party was shot and killed in the car park by a rival gang. His body had been dumped in a rubbish bin. We were lucky; it could have been a bloodbath.