Charlotte de Witte to release Heart Of Mine EP on Suara


After a hugely successful 2017, Charlotte de Witte strides into 2018 with another essential new EP, this time on the mighty Suara. It features two more of her arresting techno tunes with a fine remix from Lewis Fautzi.

‘Heart of Mine’ goes first and is a huge, cavernous cut designed to rattle warehouses. Giant, forceful drums power along the track as icy hi hats and haunting vocal sounds peel off the groove. It’s an all-consuming, tense affair that will sweep away the whole club, especially once the edgy and dramatic synths arrive. The equally driving and dynamic ‘This’ is another big room and hypnotic track with perfectly crafted drums and hi hats that roll frictionlessly on. Deft little synth hooks and dark vocals subtly repeating the title add to the intensity and things never let up for over seven thrilling and enthralling minutes.

Portugal’s Lewis Fautzi has released on Len Faki’s Figure and Oscar Mulero’s Pole Group, so is an assured techno talent who steps up to remix. His stylish version of ‘This’ is even more intense and high tempo, with relentless drums and a dark sense of menacing energy pervading throughout.

EP is out on March 5th.


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