Catholic Priest Attends Psytrance Rave

While catholic priests in Croatia are calling Ultra Europe ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ and state that local fires are ‘God’s punishment’ for it, another priest made an example that showed how Catholic Church doesn’t need to be so rigid.

Article published on  states that the priest came to Memento Demento, psytrance festival, curious to see how young people would welcome him and he was pleasantly surprised.

Priest Mile Pecić said “This wasn’t the first time I visited Momento Demento, but this was the first time I went dressed as a priest”. He stated that people were peaceful, kind and warm welcoming and that there was no aggression of any kind. He even recorded a video of the festival and published it on Youtube.

‘Momento Demento is an oasis of piece where I felf Jesus’s blessing’ added the priest.