Carl Cox stoped the music mid-set to break up a fight

If Carl Cox is known for one thing apart from being one of the greatest artist to ever stand in a DJ booth, is for being a charismatic happy man that celebrates live through Techno music. Always with a smile on his face, he enjoys playing massive and long sets of great quality music while promoting unity, love and respect. What people witnessed last weekend at the Techniques Festival in Athens was a great proof of that.

Carl Cox cut the music mid-set during a gig in Athens last weekend to break up a dancefloor scuffle.

The beloved DJ/producer was playing at Techniques festival when a fight broke out during his set at the Gazi Music Hall. On a video filmed from the crowd, Coxy can be heard saying “Stop this shit, it’s too fucking good in here right now for this aggression,” before explaining he will only continue his set if the fighting stops.