Carl Cox: If I’d Been Taking Drugs, I’d Be In A Mental Institution Or Dead

In his latest interview with The Weekly Review, King of DJs Carl Cox spoke about his clean living. He said he’s glad he made an early decision to say no to drugs.

‘I’ve always said music is my drug. I’ve always been clean living. If I had been taking drugs, I wouldn’t be here today. I’d be in a mental institution. Or dead. I was lucky enough to say no in my early days and to get enough sleep. I’ve got a zest for life and that’s what makes me who I am.’- Carl Cox

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He also spoke about his long sets.

‘I try to rest as much as I can before I do a long set. Even though (eight hours) seems like a long time, when you’re actually DJing, it goes like that. You get six hours in and all the ones who are still going give you the strength to keep going’.

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