Carl Cox: ‘EDM has played a massive part in the techno resurgence’

Speaking to The Independent, Cox was discussing his opinions about the many changes happening to the Ibiza club scene. While answering about techno’s explosion, Cox said it’s partly due to EDM:

“I think to be honest EDM has played a massive part in the techno resurgence. EDM has a massive energy in it, massive breakdowns. But if you think about it in the past five years, if you went to go see any EDM DJ most of the DJs played the same style or the same type of thing, or even the same tracks. I think people wanted to go to this kind of event, but they couldn’t bear to hear the same track over and over, the same way, by the same DJs anymore.”

Cox says perhaps now listeners and ravers want something a bit different.

“See techno takes you somewhere else; it’s a similar experience, but the audience is being taken on a developmental journey, they want to discover new sounds. You don’t have to have the drops in the records, you don’t need to have the vocals in it, you don’t have to have the fireworks and all this paraphernalia – its all us because you’re into the music. So people who experienced EDM, loved it, but after five years you’ve had enough, this is what has pushed the techno stages at festivals.”